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Lucida's Story

Lucida has a knack for finding adventure.  Otherwise, she is an average teen with a healthy appetite for comic books, wacky videos, and anything that sparks her imagination.   She thinks, she might want to be a journalist, scientist, sci-fi writer'filmmaker, explorer, documentarian, time traveler, and anything else that comes to mind.   "Why can't she do it all?,"  she ponders.   It seems everyone asks her, "What do you want to do when you grow up?"   To which she responds, promptly, EVERYTHING!"

Are you ready for Lucy's first adventure to Virlantis?  That is where we will learn about imagination, invention, science and the wonders of the universe.   She will meet a wise young woman who will help her to ask questions and seek answers.   These are questions you might ask yourself to create your own adventure in a world of your own making, inspired by the paths that knowledge takes you.  The adventure is yours. 

Go to Lucy's Page to learn more.

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